"Non-technical?" That's not an excuse.
Build your MVP in <1 month without code.

We provide the tactical skills, expertise, and network needed to launch your startup into world.

OperatorMVP Remote Bootcamp

4 weeks. 8 sessions. Learn and build together.

Learn to launch a startup
without code

  • Whether you already have an idea, are actively brainstorming with friends, or just want to learn, OperatorMVP will provide you step-by-step guidance on startup ideation and building an MVP.

  • We’ll teach you the tips and tricks to turn ideas into reality -- all without code. Don't go wasting money on a dev agency.

  • You will network and learn alongside a motivated group of peers over the course of our 8-session bootcamp.

About OperatorMVP

OperatorMVP is a "modern MBA" for non-technical founders.

Over four weeks you will learn from former founders, angel investors, and technical experts while being immersed in a community of likeminded future founders. We'll cover all the topics you need to feel confident to validate your ideas: from customer development to raising outside capital we'll teach you the playbook.


  • Learn alongside a peer network of founders and operators helping create accountability and offering opportunities to meet potential co-founders.

  • Alumni receive lifetime access to our private Slack community and resources.


  • Hands-on learning. Acquire the skills, frameworks tools you need to immediately test your ideas in the wild and feel comfortable talking to customers.

  • OperatorMVP offers a crash course in modern no-code techniques and validation frameworks.


  • Over four weeks, you will work in a small cohort completing workshops and community exercises putting you in an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Talent is global and so are we. Our virtual bootcamp is designed to attract a global student population with no prerequisite skills.

Apply for the Upcoming Cohort

Applications to the next cohort are reviewed on a rolling basis.

About Us

We are passionate founders who have years of experience building and operating.

Sam Huleatt

Johns Hopkins, Carey MBA

Sam is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor. He also actively manages a network of angel investors.

Sam is an active alumnus at John Hopkins Carey Business School and enjoys mentoring students and alumni. He is an expert in operations, fundraising, and growth.

David Lobo

UPenn, Wharton MBA

David is a no-code maker who has spent most of the last decade launching and scaling startups.

After spending years struggling not having a technical co-founder, David found 'no-code' and dove in headfirst. He is passionate about upleveling his alma mater and enjoys regularly spinning up new side-projects within a few hours.

Apply for the Upcoming Cohort

Applications to the next cohort are reviewed on a rolling basis.

► What's the goal of OperatorMVP?

You're smart, talented, and have great experience. However, launching a startups is hard, especially if you are non-technical. .
The goal of OperatorMVP is to bridge that skill, expertise, and network gap.

► Who should join?

You should join the OperatorMVP community:

1) If you’re considering founding a startup.
2) If you’d like to gain skills to get better and faster in your current role.

► What does it cost? What do I get as a participant?

Joining the Bootcamp costs $300 $99 for accepted applicants (discounted price for Pilot Program, increasing to full price in subsequent cohorts).

The program fee covers:
1) Your admission to the 4-week program, with a curriculum filled with live-content, collaboration, and much more.

2) Lifetime access to the online community of top Operators across the globe.

3) Lifetime access to the content library and archive.

And ultimately: the life-changing opportunity to build relationships with a group of Operators who are high potential co-founders, early hires and lifelong collaborators.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes, 100%. If you have completed < 50% of the material within the first
7 days and aren't satisfied, we will refund you. You may not, however, go through the entire program (>50%) and request a refund.

Still have questions? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

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